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A new stock market for

real estate 


Built on ethereum


Accelerated shifts in urbanization and technology are mounting pressure on the built environment to be more flexible, ecological, collaborative and profitable. How will the future of cities be financed and developed?

Introducing FOAM, a demand driven marketplace that connects Public Communities, Architects and the Financers of Real Estate to a hard asset. FOAM allows the sharing of equity in Spaces of Economic Activity and Visionary Design. FOAM is built with blockchain and smart contracts on an Enterprise Ethereum technology stack 


    Growth in Percentage: Real Estate vs. S&P 500

    Growth in Percentage: Real Estate vs. S&P 500


visionary urban development





Create your own real estate development project. Connect with members and collaborate with your community on the building proposal.




Invest in the real estate projects that you want to see built during equity crowdfunding campaigns to become a financial stakeholder in your city.




Trade ownership in properties and build a diverse spatial investment portfolio of buildings that you are most passionate about.




how it works

Start and Join as a Creator, Worker or Investor.


Initial stakeholders

Anyone can initiate and distribute equity in visionary real estate projects on the platform. Initial stakeholders work to generate designs, business plans, proposals and to attract community members, freelance workers and potential investors . As the project grows in user interest and excitement, groundbreaking ideas are developed by connecting Architects, Designers and the Public.

Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding campaigns can be launched to fund the cost of construction for your project, with a network of passionate community members. Anyone can search, join and invest in properties to become a financial stakeholder. Real estate developments that will become revolutionary economic hubs of activity are first tested on this active public and demand driven market.



Hard asset

Real Estate is a tangible hard asset, with intrinsic value and monthly cash flow from rent tenants. By owning a physical asset, investors receive dividend payouts and can trade ownership of their share on secondary markets as the property value appreciates over time. Successfully funded and built projects will be owned by a diverse group of public investors.  


Token based system


Tokens are used to access the network and work as an internal currency, compete for tokens by doing design work



Decentralized Architecture Office Holding a token signifies membership in the DAO


Reputation Build a profile of skills and reputation tokens that represent work contributed



Project Governance Each project has a boardroom for decision making, proposals, voting  and collaborative management





Real Estate developments that begin on FOAM can scale all the way from an idea to a built asset. Teams can fluidly form and grow on the platform by distributing tasks to a network of active freelance workers. Users can respond to open tasks, compete for bounty payments and collect reputation and skill tokens by contributing work to projects on the network. FOAM will create a dynamic ecosystem of exciting, concept-driven and much needed spaces that are funded, designed and owned by a diverse group of stakeholders.

the next generation



Built on an industry specific and scalable enterprise grade Ethereum blockchain hosted and encrypted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud


Designed with full cryptographic hash functionality and advanced smart contract capabilities for security and trust




Generates equity and reputation as exchangeable and liquid tokens to be held in secure user portfolios


A shared and distributed ledger tracks ownership, relationship and the history of assets with real time audits