how it works

Start and Join as a Creator, Worker or Investor.


Initial stakeholders

Anyone can initiate and distribute equity in visionary real estate projects on the platform. Initial stakeholders work to generate designs, business plans, proposals and to attract community members, freelance workers and potential investors . As the project grows in user interest and excitement, groundbreaking ideas are developed by connecting Architects, Designers and the Public.

Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding campaigns can be launched to fund the cost of construction for your project, with a network of passionate community members. Anyone can search, join and invest in properties to become a financial stakeholder. Real estate developments that will become revolutionary economic hubs of activity are first tested on this active public and demand driven market.



Hard asset

Real Estate is a tangible hard asset, with intrinsic value and monthly cash flow from rent tenants. By owning a physical asset, investors receive dividend payouts and can trade ownership of their share on secondary markets as the property value appreciates over time. Successfully funded and built projects will be owned by a diverse group of public investors.