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A proof of location PROTOCOL for BLOCKCHAIN





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Internet of Things


The protocol can be utilized by devices that negotiate with and pay each other, such as drones that negotiate use of air space, self-driving cars that negotiate lane space or pay for road usage and mobile/wearable devices that pay for public transportation.

Supply Chain


Blockchains allow you to track custodianship and provenance of items on a supply chain. Our protocol adds a dynamic location layer to be integrated into this process. 

Real Estate & Land Ownership


The addition of a geospatial protocol to the blockchain transforms Real Estate & Land Ownership functions such as property transactions, purchase, sale, financing, funding and leasing. 

Augmented Reality & Location Layer

Augmented Reality applications can be used to see and verify the locations of smart contracts in the real world. Games, advertising and loyalty programs for being in a certain location and tags of data can be tied into a coordinate. 


Geospatial Data Markets


Users can deposit data into a crypto spatial coordinate, back it with tokens, and set pricing mechanisms for its use. Examples include land parcels, terrain, zoning codes, physical attributes, data generated by self-driving cars and drones, CAD drawings and 3D Models. 

Could your field benefit from our protocol?